Fuji Five Lakes Global Village

Art is
the Common Language
in Global Community.

Fuji Five Lakes Global Village Vision

The Fuji Five Lakes Global Village is implementing various programs, primarily targeting the younger generation, by utilizing “art” as the common language that transcends barriers of race, religion, and politics.
An increasing number of participating countries from the Global South, set to play a crucial role in the world’s future, are joining the initiative. We look forward to participation from around the globe.

Participating Organizations

Participating organizations and groups from all over the world are coming together.

Our expansion continues worldwide, from our base in the United States to Asia,
the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Opportunities Unlocked Through Participation
in the Global Village

Shared Office Utilization

Utilize the Fuji Global Office within the Fuji Five Lakes Akademeia campus of the Akademeia 21st Century.

Global Event Organization

Organize global events that engage the global community by utilizing various facilities in the Fuji Five Lakes region.

Global Event Participation

Strengthen connections with organizing entities and enhance your global outreach by participating in global events emanating from the Fuji Five Lakes Global Village.

Primary Activities

Collaborating with municipalities, educational institutions, organizations, and companies participating in the Fuji Five Lakes Global Village,
we will conduct diverse global collaborative programs at the facilities in the Fuji Five Lakes region.

Fuji-California Young Artists Expo

Through Film


Promotional Organizations

The Fuji Five Lakes Global Village is led by Yamanashi Prefecture,
the Fuji Five Lakes Green Metropolis Forum (Headquarters: Yamanashi Prefecture),
the Akademeia 21st Century (Headquarters: Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture), and the Anaheim University (Headquarters: California, USA).